Elyos, Asmodians, dear players who love the 2.7,
If you're on this site, it's probably because you're playing on a private server somewhere in the world that decided to run this wonderful version that was Aion 2.7 and I can only congratulate the choice of the administrator of this server. The version 2.7 of Aion is in my opinion one of the best versions of Aion ever made. as it adds a considerable amount of content compared to 1.9 without totally unbalancing the game as it was the case in 4.0.
I noticed that many 2.7 servers were trying to make their mark in the world of Aion in 2020 almost 10 years after its end, and I was able to take advantage of some of them, and like you I've needed at some time or another to search a Database for the ID of an object, does that object exist in the database in 2.7, this kind of questions. And in fact, when you look at the existing Aion databases, which are obviously at the latest version, you will find that some objects are no longer the same at all, or even no longer exist. So I took the decision to create an Aion database strictly blocked in 2.7.
What does 2.7 strictly mean? It simply means that all content on this site is strictly taken from the 2012 Aion EU 2.7 client and does not contain any data from another later version of Aion, including 3.0 (with the exception of some 3.0 NPC and objects that were already present in client 2.7 without being used).
I hope you will find this database as useful as the databases available in the latest version of Aion. It is of course in constant evolution and has not yet reached its first final version (which will contain items, skills, NPCs and quests). So if you want to participate in its development do not hesitate to deactivate your ad blocker, I promise you that the ads that are shown are clean and non-intrusive but they let me know how much you appreciate this work and will encourage me to continue its development and improvement.
I wish you a good time on aiondatabase.info!
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